Patient Testimonials

Kobler Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

Name: Phyllis Rosales
Date: March 1st, 2020

“For most people, what I did one day a few weeks ago isn’t such a big deal, but for me it shows great strides of improvement and getting my life back. I went to visit my father in Springfield, MO. The day I returned, I drove back to Kansas City with no stops to stretch, I unloaded my car, got my hair cut, stopped at the bank, stopped at Dr. Kobler’s for my treatment, went to Walmart, and then to the dentist.

Three months ago, I would have made it home with a stop and unloaded my car. Six months ago, I would have made it home only after several stops to stretch and take a pain pill. I would have unloaded my car the next day or the day after that. All the other errands would have been done over different days with several days in between.

I have been diagnosed with five autoimmune diseases and living in pain for over ten years. Eight months ago my doctor suggested that I try the pain clinic at the VA. I did and they gave me several options to try. I had never been to a chiropractor or had acupuncture, so I said let’s try that.

That’s when I finally started having relief. Just after my first appointment and adjustment, I had more mobility in my neck. I had pain, but the relief of that first adjustment gave me hope. I have been a faithful patient for six months and have made great improvements.

As you can see, I am making progress and the only thing I have done differently these past six months is visit Dr. Kobler. I have been able to cut down on my pain medication as well. I have more energy and am getting out of my house and living again. I can’t thank Dr. Kobler and his staff enough for helping me get my life back.”


Name: Donna Jones
Date: February 29th, 2020

“I have been coming to Dr. Kobler for over eight months now. He and the staff have been great and informative. Doing much better from the treatments and I highly recommend Kobler Chiropractic.”