Acupuncture is a natural healing technique that removes interference with the body's nerve signaling by stimulating certain points on the skin, stopping and even reversing various conditions.

 Our acupuncture treatments go beyond just needles.

They also can involve:

•  Electronic microcurrent stimulation

•  Korean hand

•  Ear

•  Finger point pressure

Kinesio Tape

Whether you're an athlete or not, you can enjoy the benefits of kinesio tape to support muscles that have been injured or strained. It can also help in re-educating muscles affected by neurological damage.  

 Kinesio tape can be used for various injuries, such as:

•  Muscle tears

•  Shin splints

•  Plantar fasciitis

•  Anterior compartment syndrome

•  Back injuries

•  Shoulder injuries

Durable Medical Equipment

Specializing in pain management technology. Durable medical tape can be used for:

•  Tens units

•  Posture pump

•  Cervical pillows

•  Lumbar bracing and more