COVID-19 has been called a once-in-a-century pandemic. Because the disease is so new, there is no cure or vaccinations against the Coronavirus. The CDC and National Institutes of Health have begun promoting the benefits of chiropractic care to the immune function during this global pandemic. Chiropractic is a health care discipline which emphasizes the […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 31, 2020 Department of Homeland Security Identifies Chiropractors as Essential Service Providers Arlington, Va. – Doctors of chiropractic are part of the essential critical infrastructure workforce, according to an advisory memorandum released on March 28 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The memo aims to give state, local, tribal and territorial

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Spinal adjustments have been shown to boost immune function because they serve to correct spinal misalignments that cause neural dysfunction. Neural dysfunction stresses a body out, which may lead to a weakened immune system and lowered response to a foreign body, such as the cold virus. Organs that have a strong relationship with the immune

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WHAT IS CHIROPRACTIC? Chiropractic is an evidence-based, integrative and non-pharmacologic health care profession that focuses on disorders of the locomotor system, and the effects of these disorders and general health. Half of adults in the United States have had experience as a patient of a doctor of chiropractic (DC). 35.5 million adults reported visiting a

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Are you reading this article from your smartphone or tablet? Most likely, you are. Have you ever heard of “text neck?” Is your head forward, shoulders rounded, and back slumped? Text neck is becoming an epidemic. The way we hold our phone compresses and tightens the muscle, tendon, and ligament structures in front of the

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Here is a pretty amazing #chirokid story, this is another chiropractic success story when NO one else could help him… there are many cases like his out there, if you are one of these cases where nothing else has helped give chiropractic a try. If you have had a success story and love chiropractic

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We went to watch the new “Jurassic World” last Friday, it was a good movie, I enjoyed it, and it had a great ending, but it made me think one thing when I was watching it. This is why human beings should stop pretending they are GOD. The movie is fiction yes, but the things

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I read this in an email today, it is very well and simply put and 100% true, I can only hope that one day We the People will make the changes needed…. “From Landee Crier on Facebook. (High-lighting mine) I live in a country where my child can submit to an abortion and a vaccination

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Just imagine, the public freaks out about all of the sensationalized BS that the media feeds them, could they handle the truth of what the media is actually hiding?! Emmy Award Winning Journalist Exposes Corporate Censorship on GMOs and Vaccines in Mainstream Media