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By koblerchiro65772577, Jun 25 2015 10:50PM

Here is a pretty amazing #chirokid story, this is another chiropractic success story when NO one else could help him... there are many cases like his out there, if you are one of these cases where nothing else has helped give chiropractic a try. If you have had a success story and love chiropractic tell others so that they can learn of the amazing things that chiropractic can do for everyone including kids as young as 1 day old!!

By koblerchiro65772577, Jun 22 2015 03:56PM

We went to watch the new “Jurassic World” last Friday, it was a good movie, I enjoyed it, and it had a great ending, but it made me think one thing when I was watching it. This is why human beings should stop pretending they are GOD. The movie is fiction yes, but the things they did in the movie such as cross genetic cloning and splicing happens daily, that is what a GMO food product is. Vaccines also fall under this god and demi-god issue, do those scientists think that GOD, whatever that may be to you, including Mother Nature, did not do a very good job of evolving or being created, whatever you believe. Such a poor job of making our immune system that you go around making most people believe that we would all be dead had these vaccines never been introduced to humanity. Well guess what, we would all still be here if those vaccines were not here, actually in ALL cases if you go to the data the illnesses that we now have vaccines for were nearly all gone before there ever was a vaccine for them. Sanitation is the key, not drinking water with feces in it, bathing is urine, eating a balanced meal these things help you not get sick, not die from measles, which no one in the last “outbreak” did and no one has died from measles in a very long time and those who did, there were more complicating factors involved than the measles. In many cases now the illness that there are vaccines for are actually worse because of the vaccine than before there was a vaccine. When you naturally get for instance mumps or measles at a young age, but because of a vaccine you get it later in life, the illness may be much worse for the person at a later age, for different reasons, but they would have been better off getting the illness as a child. My mother, grandmother and many others had ALL of the normal childhood illnesses and guess what they are ALL alive and well and NEVER had a vaccine for them. These vaccines much like anti-biotics are causing mutations in the virus and bacteria leaving medicine caught with their pants down, in many cases people are actually getting others sick after being vaccinated because of viral shedding from the virus in the vaccine, they can tell the vaccine is the source because of the shape of the virus they use in the vaccines are not found in that same form in nature. The media and pharmaceutical partners in crime (literally) have done such a good job of misinforming the public about the value of vaccines and their prescription drugs that people think we would all be extinct had we not been given them in the last 60 years, only to forget we were around for millions of years prior to said drugs and vaccines.

By koblerchiro65772577, Jun 11 2015 08:20PM

Check out this trailer and help support chiropractic!! This follow up documentary goes into detail about how the American Medical Association purposely attempted to destroy the chiropractic profession for no reason other than greed and total domination of the health care system in America. With deep ties to the pharmaceutical and insurance industries the AMA has almost unlimited funds to decieve the public about the truth they hide from all of us concerning pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, treatment regimines for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol etc etc. The goal is not to get you well, it is to get you just healthy enough to need those drugs the rest of your life and keep their profits growing every quarter. I am in no way suggesting that Medical Doctors themselves do this to their patients, at least not knowingly, it is simply what they are taught in school, schools funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

Holistic practices such as Chiropractic, Naturopath's, Acupuncture etc etc use what nature has given us to help the body heal the way it was designed to without drugs and treatments that simply mask the problems rather than finding the source any solution to the problem. Check out "Undoctored" today!

By koblerchiro65772577, May 14 2015 04:18PM

I read this in an email today, it is very well and simply put and 100% true, I can only hope that one day We the People will make the changes needed....

"From Landee Crier on Facebook. (High-lighting mine)

I live in a country where my child can submit to an abortion and a vaccination without my knowledge or consent. However, if that same child does not want to undergo chemotherapy, she will be taken away from me and forced to undergo modern day poisoning by the state.

I live in a country where I'm allowed to smoke and drink and destroy my health because I'm free, but I cannot use a natural mineral to cure disease or I could be jailed.

I live in a country where it's legal to spray cancer-causing pesticides on the food my family eats and it's legal to put the neurotoxin fluoride in my drinking water. But if I want to boost my children's immunity with vit A and C, instead of vaccines, my children will be kicked out of school.

I live in a country where it's legal to kill my unborn child, but once that child is a citizen, I am no longer viewed as the best person to make decisions for that child.

I live in a country where I could be fired from my job for refusing a flu shot that is only 16% effective and loaded with the neurotoxin mercury.

I live in a country owned by pharmaceutical companies and my children have been sold for profit. I am a slave. A slave to corporate America. My children are not mine. They belong to the state.

BUT, I live in a country that was founded on freedom and liberty. That blood still runs through me. The desire to be free. If you are afraid to stand up to your government, then it is time to replace that government.

When you live in fear, you have tyranny. When the government fears you, you have liberty. Stand up and the country I just described can be changed. We the people must change it. We cannot rely on the politicians to do what's right anymore because they are all bought and owned and they are selling us out, too. Stand up to the bullying and discrimination from our own government and take this country back! It belongs to the people, not greedy drug companies!"

Be the Change You Want to See in the World....

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